Tax commissioner Dan Patlak launches smear campaign against Morrison

During the week of February 16, 2012, incumbent tax commissioner Dan Patlak sent out an email full of inaccuracies to pro-family and Republican leaders in Cook County. He also set-up a dummy blog to distance himself from the smear campaign. But the phony blog and the letter involved deceitful personal attacks on Republican businessman Sean Morrison. So much for family values. Here is Mr. Morrison’s response to Patlak’s smear campaign:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I am a Republican businessman and pro-family candidate who is running for Cook County Board of Review. My opponent, tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s campaign has decided to distort the facts in an effort to attack my personal character.  As a man of principle, I have decided it is necessary to respond in order to set the facts straight.  I hope that anyone that has helped spread tax commissioner Patlak’s falsehoods will, in fairness, be equally willing to distribute my response.

Tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s Chief of Staff at the Board of Review and Campaign Manager, Ken Jochum has questioned my pro-life beliefs as well as my respect for women.  These attacks could not be further from the truth.

Here are the facts:

-Throughout my career and life I have fought to protect women and helped to bring those that threaten them to justice.
-I received the LEADS 2011 Humanitarian Award for my work in solving missing persons and exploited children’s cases.  In my work I have helped to reunite dozens of families with their children and loved ones.
-I have worked with the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force to stop the exploitation of women and we have been successful in helping many victims. But there is much more work to do.
-I have worked with these and other causes pro-bono, in an effort to help the victims of these crimes and to prevent further victimization from taking place.
-I am a parishioner of our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church.
-My wife Lora is a nurse at Christ Hospital and together we are raising our two beautiful daughters.
-I am 100% pro-life and have, for many, many years, attended pro-life conferences. Over the years, I have also donated to pro-life organizations. Being pro-life is not just an election issue for me – it is a way of life.

I hope this helps set the record straight.  Tax commissioner Patlak is desperately trying to smear my character in an effort to distract from the real issues of this campaign.  Many questions have been raised which are directly related to tax commissioner Patlak’s responsibilities at the Board of Review, including:

– How can tax commissioner Patlak justify collecting over $400,000 from lawyers who practice before him at the Board of Review?
-How can tax commissioner Patlak be a credible voice of reform when he receives checks in excess of $5,000 from property tax attorneys representing Chicago commercial properties while in session?
-How does tax commissioner Patlak represent conservative ethics and values when he is currently under investigation by the Cook County State’s attorney?
-How does tax commissioner Patlak explain the Fox Chicago and Cook County Inspector General’s investigation into his illegal electioneering activities that were caught on video tape campaigning using taxpayer resources?
What moral justification can there be for tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s actions? Why should we vote for a Republican that acts exactly as a machine Democrat would?

Tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s numerous conflicts of interests should be a major concern to any TRUE CONSERVATIVE.  These facts relate directly to the job tax commissioner Patlak has been entrusted with.  The sole Republican member of the Board of Review should be an outspoken champion for reform in Cook County and should be an advocate for conservative values both in Cook County and inSpringfieldwhere legislation affecting suburban Cook County residents is crafted.

If I am elected, I will be accountable. I will be that reformer. And I will work hard to champion conservative ideals.
All I can ask and hope is that you will consider looking at the facts rather than the distortions.  I hope you will look beyond the personal smear campaign and look to the actions I have taken in my life in support of my pro-family background.  Please consider voting for a pro-life, pro-family conservative that will work to help lessen the tax burden on suburban families.

Please vote for Sean Morrison on March 20th.

Sean M. Morrison, Candidate for the Cook County Board of Review


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